Iran: U.S. accusations over oil tanker attacks 'alarming'

US Blames Iran for Attacks on 2 Oil Tankers in Gulf of Oman

How 'torpedo attack' on oil tanker in the Gulf could cost you at the petrol pump

Speaking later Friday with Fox News, U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the video and Iran.

"Taken as a whole, these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to worldwide peace and security, a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation and an unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by Iran", Pompeo said. It was also based on recent incidents in the region, which the U.S. also blamed on Iran, including the use of limpet mines in the Fujairah attack, he said.

Thursday's attack resembled one in May that targeted four oil tankers off the nearby Emirati port of Fujairah. Nevertheless, traditional business models are no longer sustainable and high-quality publications, like ours, are being forced to look for new ways to keep going.

The U.S. military released video footage they say shows Iranian special forces removing an unexploded mine from an oil tanker after an attack Thursday. The regime in Tehran can only know that this would draw the ire of the entire worldwide community given the global interest in unimpeded maritime trade in the region, as well as block them from using the Strait themselves. But this has done little to assuage concerns that the two arch foes could stumble into a conflict.

Oil prices surged on June 13, reflecting the jitters, although they have since given up some of those gains.

The crew was forced to abandon the ship and leave the vessel adrift in waters between Gulf Arab states and Iran after the two tankers experienced explosions.

In Beijing, China's Foreign Ministry said Friday that nobody wants war in the Gulf of Oman while calling on all sides to exercise restraint following attacks on oil tankers in those waters, and urging the resolution of differences through dialogue.

The crew of the Front Altair was first rescued by the Hyundai Dubai, according to US officials, but Iranian gunboats quickly surrounded the ship and demanded the crew be turned over.

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The US official did not say how the United States knew of the reported standoff between the Iranian fast-boats and the tug boats, which were trying to tie up and tow away the Norwegian-owned Front Altair.

The tensions between the United States and Iran are already high over the USA pullout from the 2015 nuclear accord and the reimposition of economic sanctions.

Since then Washington has toughened its sanctions regime, seeking to force Iran's oil customers to slash their imports.

Iran's oil exports, its economic lifeblood, have dropped to about 400,000 bpd in May from 2.5 million bpd in April previous year.

The attack made it "abundantly clear that the #B_Team is moving to a #PlanB: Sabotage diplomacy - including by @AbeShinzo - and cover up its #EconomicTerrorism against Iran". In addition, it has said Tehran was behind May 14 drone strikes on two Saudi oil-pumping stations.

Iran has denied any involvement.

The boat in the video is similar to the one that Iran's IRGC uses, according to analysis by Frank Gardner, BBC'S security correspondent.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo forcefully blamed Iran for the attacks on both tankers.

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Whether the removed object was in fact a mine remains unclear. The ship had loaded a cargo of naphtha in Abu Dhabi and was bound for Taiwan, a company official said.

Chen said the vessel was "engulfed in flames" but all 23 crew members were safe.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kyrgyzstan, reached out to allies seen as less susceptible to US pressure, including Russia's Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. "They've been told in very strong terms", Trump said.

Pompeo said USA policy was to make economic and diplomatic efforts to bring Iran back to negotiations on a broader deal. Japan was a big Iranian oil importer until Trump stepped up sanctions.

Kokuka Sangyo President Yutaka Katada "quoted the crew of the vessel as saying they saw something fly toward the vessel, and that it pierced the hull", Japanese broadcaster NHK News reports.

"Iran has a history of doing this", he said.

Iran has denied any responsibility for the attack.

The US blamed Iran for that attack, but did not produce evidence.

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