Motorcyclist dies after being struck by lightening while riding on I-95

The motorcyclist's helmet was cracked and burned from the lightning strike officials said

The motorcyclist's helmet was cracked and burned from the lightning strike officials said

The lightning hit the motorcyclist's helmet, shattering it, the highway patrol said.

Kim Montes told reporters that a Virginia State Police trooper had happened to see the accident while on vacation. His name was not released.

Florida Highway Patrol believes that lighting may have played into a motorcyclist's fatal crash on I-95 in Volusia County. He was subsequently thrown off the bike leading him to veer off the road, and was killed in the process.

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Troopers said that the man's helmet had burn marks and cracks on it.

The rider was on I-95 in Florida Sunday afternoon when he was hit. In fact, at least 11 motorcyclists have died from lightning strikes since 2006.

The agency said people who hear thunder are within striking distance of lightning and they should look for shelter in a house, building, or hard-topped vehicle.

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The department tweeted a photo of the man's helmet, punctured by the strike.

This isn't the first time someone was killed by lightning this year either: According to the National Weather Service, a man died after he was fatally struck by lightning at a Texas campsite in May.

"Lightning is a major cause of storm-related deaths in the U.S".

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Still, direct lightning strikes are quite rare.

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