Strong winds cause crane to collapse on Downtown Dallas apartment building

Officials respond to the scene after a crane collapsed into Elan City Lights apartments amid severe thunderstorms Sunday

Strong winds cause crane to collapse on Downtown Dallas apartment building

Jason Evans, public information officer for Dallas Fire and Rescue, said the ongoing investigation was extremely fluid.

The crane crashed into the Elan City Lights apartment complex just before 2 p.m., cutting through the units "like a knife through butter", witness Abbey Kearney told the Dallas Morning News.

The crane broke into several pieces that fell into different portions of the apartment building, located across the street from a large construction site, Evans said.

Emergency crews helped evacuate residents and dug through rubble to search for people and pets who may have been trapped inside the apartments or collapsed parking garage.

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Rescue work is underway to look for injured people in collapsed USA apartment.

"We only hope that what we've found up to this point is where the damage and where the impact stops,"he said".

The crane collapsed amid severe weather in the area.

While the cause of the collapse was not immediately clear, Mr Evans said there was a "strong possibility" that high winds played a role.

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Six people were taken to nearby hospitals, CBS Dallas reported, adding that one person died.

Evans said "every single level of the parking garage in part has collapsed" and that multiple vehicles were damaged. The U.S. National Weather Service says the Dallas-Fort Worth area is under a severe thunderstorm watch.

"The situation is still ongoing and circumstances are still developing, so a lot of what I give you may, in fact, change by the time we depart the scene", Evans said during a press conference near the accident.

There were also reports of hail damage to windows in Richardson and Collin County, and hail measuring about 1.5 inches was reported in Garland, National Weather Service meteorologist Joey Picca said.

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