Orion Is Bethesda's Entry Into The Cloud Streaming Game

Orion Is Bethesda's Entry Into The Cloud Streaming Game

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With an increasingly streaming focused future on the horizon, solutions like this will be instrumental to smoothing the path between players and that technology. Instead of focusing on hardware like Google or Microsoft, Orion is a technology that's added to game engines to improve their streaming capabilities on all platforms. The game engine-based technology can reduce latency up to 20% and reduces the need for bandwidth usage by up to 40%.

So how does it work? Despite all of the streaming terminology, don't confuse it for a service like Stadia or xCloud.

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And while it's not launching a service of its own, Bethesda will publicly test Orion by allowing gamers to stream the company's 2016 blockbuster FPS, DOOM, on iOS devices - without installing the game locally; Android and PC streaming will follow soon after. And you'll be able to stream all of your games at max settings should everything work as intended.

"We leveraged our extensive experience in game engine technology to tackle streaming from a different angle - the game engine itself", said Duffy.

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The pair demoed Orion's capability by showing 2016's Doom played on stage on a smartphone at 60fps.

Cloud gaming is everywhere at E3.

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Bethesda also announced during the press conference that players can sign up to try the technology for free through Doom's slayerclub.com website.

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