Men: Dark Phoenix: Every Easter Egg and Reference

Dark Phoenix’ Review An Xhausting and Xcruciating End to the X Men		32 Twentieth Century FoxJOHN NOLTE7 Jun 2019

Dark Phoenix’ Review An Xhausting and Xcruciating End to the X Men 32 Twentieth Century FoxJOHN NOLTE7 Jun 2019

The film focuses on young Jean Grey, played by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who struggles to understand her newfound power after a rescue mission in space goes wrong.

"Logan" is the proper finale to the "X-Men" film series. The similarities between Dark Phoenix and this year's box office smash Captain Marvel are there from the beginning: a female protagonist is imbued with incredible cosmic powers that she can't control and in the process, learns locked-away secrets about her own identity. If there's one common thread throughout the comics' different depictions of the Phoenix Force, it's that it's nearly always corrupts.

This is the story of one of the X-Men's most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into the iconic DARK PHOENIX.

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It's also possible that Phoenix's journey to the stars could be the key to how the X-Men join the MCU.

Disney-Fox's latest installment in the X-Men franchise is on track for a dismal $34 million opening after collecting just $14 million on Friday, which would make it the worst debut ever for an X-Men movie ("The Wolverine" debuted to $53 million in 2013). More than Captain Marvel, you could see a lot of Civil War in that ending. Both movies are set in the 1990s, but "Captain Marvel" actually has fun with being a period piece and takes advantage of its '90s setting.

We already know that it was the victim of extensive reshoots, but it now sounds like some corporate conflicts might have impacted Dark Phoenix's quality, too.

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This is especially evident in the ensuing head-to-head conflict between Team Magneto and Team Professor X. It's a conflict that, as in any X-Men film, is to be expected, but all the iterations of this battle have rendered it tedious.

"The movie is about Jean evolving from this character into something else, and that's what Sophie did". That was also a bleak film, far more so than "Dark Phoenix". That backstory is embedded in Jackman's and Stewart's textured and heartbreaking performances, discernible even to one hasn't seen a single other "X-Men" movie. There might not have been a Marvel Studios at all had X-Men not proved to Hollywood that superheroes were a trend worth revisiting.

Dark Phoenix is in theaters now.

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We made a decision to take a look back at the reviews for all 12 movies in the cinematic universe of X-Men. If you want to say a proper goodbye to this series of "X-Men" movies, you're better off spending your time on "Logan" again than "Dark Phoenix" for the first time.

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