FIFA 20 Will Include a Street Football Story Mode and Online League

FIFA 20 Will Include a Street Football Story Mode and Online League

FIFA 20 Will Include a Street Football Story Mode and Online League

This will go down in a variety of sportscages of different sizes and shapes, in 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 modes - including rush, where there's no keeper. EA do have experience with street football, having spun off the FIFA Street subseries for a few games years back.

Hopefully, some element of FIFA Street is part of the announcement, as is the continuation of The Journey, the football game's special career mode.

EA said its feature "authentic culture, creativity and style" of the small-sided games on the streets. More news on the recently announced game is expected during the event. Volta World allows you to "build up your squad", for example, while Volta Story will see you take on the role of one player through a scripted narrative, similar to The Journey from previous editions of Federation Internationale de Football Association. In order to scale and facilitate this, VOLTA provides different arena sizes and environments (with and without walls), offering you the freedom to play the attractive game in a way which suits you.

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Just to drive home the effort to appeal to the modern gaming market, VOLTA will include custom cosmetics for your male or female character - including hairstyles and tattoos - and celebration emotes.

Off the ball is all about providing you more time and space on the ball, with your AI-controlled teammates making better use of the space on the pitch and providing more incisive runs in your offensive player.

Decisive Moments give you more control over the moments that determine the outcome of a match.

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There's bound to be more to Federation Internationale de Football Association 20, but Volta will likely be the focus of the EA Play stream for the game that's due to run for 30 minutes at 7PM BST tonight.

The ball itself will receive new physics to hope for more realistic flight through the air.

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