Dark Phoenix Director Compares Original Ending To Civil War

Dark Phoenix Is a Bittersweet Goodbye to Fox's X-Men

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review - Sophie Turner's Swan-Song Is A Dirge

Sophie Turner stars as Jean Grey in Twentieth Century Fox's "Dark Phoenix".

X-Men Dark Phoenix starring Sophie Turner in the lead released in cinemas this week. But there's sooooo much history and great storytelling behind Jean Grey and the Dark Phoenix that we had to divvy this up into three parts!

I wish that the X-Men movies had been this bold with their other choices throughout the series. Now, in addition to her powers of telepathy, telekinesis and, according to some sources, the ability to turn blue jeans grey, she can now slow down Quicksilver, go toe-to-toe with Xavier or Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and even unleash deadly force on her fellow mutants.

Then came the spinoffs: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) earning standalone movies of their own, just as they had earned standalone comic book titles years earlier. The mutant X-Men, now being hailed as superheroes, are summoned to assist on a space mission gone awry.

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Still, other characters Cyclops, Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) get some time in the spotlight, at long last.

Reshoots aren't always a death knell for a blockbuster movie, but in the case of Dark Phoenix, they certainly made for a rebirth of sorts.

This movie cost $200 million, most of it obviously spent on wind machines and all the takes required to nail that flawless tear dropped by Fassbender.

After 12 films and nearly 20 years, the X-Men franchise as we know it is coming to an end with Dark Phoenix, Fox Studios' final installment of the industry-changing superhero series before Disney, which bought Fox earlier this year, takes creative control. Similarly, "Captain Marvel" also had shapeshifting aliens, although the Skrull in "Captain Marvel" were better developed because they felt like individuals rather than generic villains, and their storyline included a clever twist. But it could theoretically have an extra scene after or during the credits just to give the series a longer sendoff - "Dark Phoenix" is, after all, the work of writer/director Simon Kinberg, who has been involved with these movies for more than a decade now. The D'Bari escape the scene but quickly chase after Jean.

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Finally "Captain Marvel" also includes many light and amusing moments, while "Dark Phoenix" only achieves semi-solemnity when it's trying to be upbeat.

The trend of superhero spin-off movies continues.

Spoilers ahead for Dark Phoenix.

Compare that to "Logan". The first X-Men movie, from way back in the summer of 2000, ran just 104 minutes, eschewed Batman & Robin-style outlandishness, and was forced to employ a mid-range budget judiciously. The same can be said of Professor X himself, whose once-sage mind has been reduced to a shadow of its former self by the ravages of Alzheimer's disease. X-Men: Apocalypse is only streaming on one service, and it is not one of the major ones. For all the goodwill the X-Men have generated with the public, Mystique recognises Xavier's ego and narcissism blind him to the fact that he's willfully endangering the lives of people he supposedly loves.

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