Pokemon Sword Shield release date leaked: Giant Pokemon, Raids, Legendary info revealed

Pokemon Sword Shield release date leaked: Giant Pokemon, Raids, Legendary info revealed

Pokemon Sword Shield release date leaked: Giant Pokemon, Raids, Legendary info revealed

The story of Sword and Shield revolves around becoming the new Pokemon champion of the Galar Region which will involve defeating reigning champion Leon who is undefeated. A massive area called the Wild Area will feature in the game and this basically acts as the open world hub.

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield is set be released for the Switch console on November 15.

Zacian, a wolf-like Pokemon that appears to hold a sword in its mouth, was revealed as Pokemon Sword's cover Legendary but little else is known about the mysterious Pokemon.

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While at the start it appears like a broader, larger-scoped traditional Pokemon game, this trailer has shown us some of the new creative additions.

To battle against these giant wild Pokemon, you and up to three other players (or NPC-controlled trainers) join forces.

We're less than five hours out from the next Pokemon Direct and we could have seen what promises to be one of the biggest leaks about the game surface already. But there is still plenty we don't know, which is why the live stream today is so exciting for Pokemon fans. For years now, each major Pokemon game has come with its own unique gameplay mechanic and that tradition won't be changing this year. But now we know about snapping turtle Drednaw, crow taxi Corviknight, scared sheep Pokemon Wooloo, and flower Pokemon Gossifleur that involves into cotton-headed Eldegoss. Comparisons were drawn nearly immediately between the Legendary wolf Zacian and Dark Souls boss Sif, with viewers commenting live during the stream making a note of the resemblance.

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Multiplayer is now a more than simply trading and PvP in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Do you think the Assistant Sonia craze is substantiated or will Misty always be the red-haired Pokemon gal for you?

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