NASA has selected the first three companies bringing payloads to the moon

Former U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson named to NASA advisory committee

Lego, NASA launch 1,087-piece Apollo 11 lunar lander set

Meanwhile, New Moon Mondays offers weekly space documentaries, expert insights and analysis of the Apollo 11 mission, in partnership with Sugar Films and engineering firm Draper Labs', including the premiere episode Hack the Moon: Unsung Heroes of Apollo, about the little-known stories of the engineers and scientists who made the first moon landing possible.

Today NASA announced that three companies have been selected to carry the agency's experiments to the lunar surface as a part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. The latest moon initiative of the NASA was the Artemis named after the Goddess of Hunt and the Moon in Greek Mythology and the Twin sister of Apollo.

"We have a deep understanding of the ways in which play can have lifelong impact, and we have been champions of the awe and wonder of space exploration through playful building for nearly as long as the world's celebration of the first moon landing", said Michael McNally, senior director, brand relations, LEGO Systems, in a statement obtained by Fox News. The new sets reflect the company's 40-year history of inspiring space enthusiasts and future explorers through play, it says.

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While North Korea hasn't used its propaganda services to comment, the report in the conservative Chosun Ilbo daily could be true. Kim Yong Chol had met with Trump at the White House before the Hanoi summit in February to arrange details of the negotiations.

That number jumps even higher in other countries, coming in at 79 percent for United Kingdom parents and an astonishing 93 percent for Chinese parents. Look closely and you'll see square (LEGO foot shape) footprints left on the lunar surface. It has separate ascent and descent stages.

The descent stage has gold-colored landing pads and panels, laser hatches, and a ladder, while the ascent stage has a detailed interior.

NASA's Apollo 11 mission to land the first humans on the moon involved the contributions of thousands of workers.

Isère. Une septuagénaire retrouvée enterrée dans son jardin
Des analyses, toxicologiques notamment, sont toujours en cours sur le corps de la victime. L'autopsie doit avoir lieu mercredi matin.

Lego is also unveiling seven new Lego City Mars Exploration building sets, inspired by NASA's planned missions to explore the moon and the Red Planet.

Standing at more than 7 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 7 inches deep, the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander retails for $100 and launches on June 1. It arrives June 1 at Lego stores and online for $99.99.

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Another petition is titled, "Stop Robert Pattinson in Playing " The Batman " for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros". The rumours are that Pattinson will take up the role for the next film which will simply be called The Batman .

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