Instagram adds support for landscape video on IGTV

The long-form video section of the social media app launched last year

The long-form video section of the social media app launched last year

Instagram TV has been around for a year and the company has now chose to add in support for landscape videos.

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As we've written before, Instagram wants its vertical video platform to succeed so bad they're adding support for landscape video. Young viewers in particular primarily find and view video content using a smartphone, and the prevailing idea is that vertical videos are simply easier to watch from their handsets.

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Instagram says that an introduction of the IGTV previews saw a significant increase in engagement with such content and for this very reason, the company is now introducing landscape videos - the very thing they were trying to compete against. The photo and video sharing social networking app previously launched the IGTV to introduce higher quality video contents in a vertical format to its users. This change applies to both IGTV's standalone app and the hub within the main Instagram app. The content also can't be monetized as few brands are yet to start approaching creators for them to make vertical videos exclusive to IGTV. Since the launch, Instagram has encouraged more views by allowing creators to share previews of the IGTV content inside the Instagram feed. And while catering to audience demand makes sense, it does feel like a compromise.

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That could see more content uploaded to IGTV, as YouTube creators won't have to reformat their posts, but it won't necessarily help IGTV differentiate. Or not desperate, but it's like Instagram is conceding, it's latching onto options to try and buoy the ship. But it is a little humorous to consider the criticisms brands saw for posting frames like this on their initial IGTV efforts. They needed to either shoot a separate video for IGTV or crop their video in vertical format. From Thursday, creators' will be able to choose between vertical or landscape content.

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