SpaceX postpones launch of its first internet network satellites

The launch window was rescheduled for 10:30 p.m. Thursday. "We thought the commercial market might expand to that, I think we probably wished it had, but [now] we've got plenty of capacity to launch our Starlink system", said Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX's president and chief operating officer.

SpaceX postponed a launch of 60 satellites into low-Earth orbit that was scheduled for Thursday night, possibly until next week, citing a need for software updates.

The delayed mission is created to carry into low-Earth orbit an initial batch of 60 satellites for Musk's new Starlink global internet service, a venture meant to generate cash for the rest of the billionaire entrepreneur's space exploration ambitions.

This is the first block of Starlink satellites for what should eventually be a much larger constellation, and they will help SpaceX gauge its performance and conduct tests of several key systems. "There's a small possibility that all of these satellites will not work".

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Departing Pad 40 in Cape Canaveral, Florida during w/c May 20, 2019 (check here for the exact time ... it's been delayed twice already) will be a Falcon 9 reusable rocket loaded with 60 flat-packed satellites each weighing 227kg. Richardson joined our team shortly thereafter.His passion for space ignited when he watched Space Shuttle Discovery launch into space October 29, 1998. The next launch window for the Falcon 9 will be in the May 22-24 range.

Finally, to reduce the risk of striking other satellites, each piece of the constellation will be equipped with anti-collision technology, according to SpaceX.

"It will nearly seem like spreading a deck of cards on a table", Musk said. "They don't know", Kremer added.

Space internet is simply satellite-powered Internet access. They will then use onboard propulsion to reach an operational altitude of 550km. It may look a little different than other missions because there is no spring-based deployment mechanism. While Musk said each satellite costs more to send into orbit than to build, he expects the plan to make money.

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Starlink satellites will be 65 times closer to Earth than geostationary satellites, and could also offer speeds of 10Gbps, which is faster than fiber optic internet. If they don't work, SpaceX is back to the drawing board.

"We see this as a way for SpaceX to generate revenue that can be used to develop more and more advanced rockets", Musk said.

Musk said the first round of Starlink satellites will be a learning process for SpaceX.

It is expected to take more than five years and $9.8 billion (£7.1bn) of investment, although satellite internet has proved an expensive market in the past and analysts expect the final bill will be higher.

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