Firefighter shot and killed during medical call in Appleton, Wisconsin

Firefighter shot dead in Appleton, Wisconsin: Mitch Lundgaard killed during emergency call in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Firefighter Killed Responding to Shooting, 3 Wounded

First responders in Milwaukee stood united with the Appleton Fire Department as the firefighter's body was transported from Appleton to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office early Thursday, and then back to Appleton following the autopsy.

The firefighter died after he was rushed to a local hospital, the department said in a statement posted to Facebook. Firefighters with their truck lights flashing positioned themselves on interstate overpasses as the procession passed by on the way to an Appleton funeral home. Fire Chief Jeremy Hansen and Mayor Hanna will make a statement to the media on Thursday at the Appleton Police Department.

A Wisconsin firefighter was shot and killed at the scene of a medical emergency Wednesday night, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The officer remains in a local hospital where he is recovering, police said. "And another shot was sacked and there was another male and he went down and I saw the shooter flee", Mourning said, according to the AP.

"It's going to be a hard day for us, especially during Police Week, to have something like this happen", she said.

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"We're seeing.police coming up and rushing the scene, and then I see a bunch of police crouched down, kind of hiding behind a vehicle with the guns, and they're all pointing at them", Annika Leon said.

Appleton is about 120 miles from Madison.

Officials have not released the name of the fallen firefighter or the name of the officer who was injured.

The condition of the injured officer isn't immediately clear.

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Meghan Cash of the Appleton Police Department says police and fire departments responded to the transit center for a medical call, and while they were there "the situation was very active" and there was a shooting.

"We stand with our courageous first they mourn this loss", Evers said. A police officer was among those injured during the shooting Wednesday evening at Valley Transit in downtown Appleton.

Firefighters lined the streets to honor the fallen hero during an overnight procession.

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