You can buy a 1TB microSD card now

1TB Sandisk microSD cards now available, but at a price

World’s first 1TB microSD card is on Amazon, but you’ll need to wait to get it

Amazon US has a product listing, meaning you will soon be able to buy it via Amazon in the US.

SanDisk has said its Extreme 1TB microSD card is shipping to customers after being announced in February. It meets the app performance Class 2 spec, which means that games stored on the card will load and run a lot faster on your Android phone, so if you do a lot of gaming on the go, you might want to consider picking one up.

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The card's microSD form is ideal for smartphones, action cameras, and drones, but you can also pair it with an adapter to use it as a standard SD-format card.

The company's massive-but-minute Extreme microSD UHS-I Card is now available for $450, months after its reveal at Mobile World Congress. It may be hard to fill up but we know it's not impossible.

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Naturally, speeds are just as important as capacity, and unsurprisingly, this bad boy shines in that particular department as well, with up to 160MB/s read and maximum 90MB/s write velocity. Please note a compatible device is required so you can optimize the powers of this microSDHC card.

If you simply can't wait, the card - which is officially titled as the SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSD XC UHS-I Memory Card with a model number of SDSQXA1-1T00-GN6MA - still appears to be in stock at SanDisk.

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You can also opt for a 512GB version that's $200, or a 400GB one that's on sale for $90.

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