The Official Title Of The Picard Star Trek Show Won't Shock You

The Star Trek Picard Series Is Named... Star Trek: Picard | News | Movies

Star Trek: Picard TV show gets a sensible name and a perfect logo

For those wondering what exactly an "upfront" is, this is where the various television studios put their wares for the upcoming season on display for advertisers.

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Straightforward? Yes. But in a good way, we think. Up until now, the series has remained untitled, but during the presentation, CBS executives referred to it as Star Trek: Picard.

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It's official. The name of the forthcoming Star Trek series starring Patrick Stewart has been named STAR TREK: PICARD. We've known very little about this series for quite a while, but now thanks to a presentation from CBS during their upfronts segment (where various United States broadcasters show off new programming to investors) we finally have some concrete info. But the majority of media outlets are reporting this this is indeed the title and honestly, calling it anything else at this point may be redundant.

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Kate Aurthur of Buzzfeed News also grabbed an image from the still-unreleased teaser trailer and it confirms that, yes, Patrick Stewart still looks startlingly fantastic for his age. According to, Picard was shown "going unrecognized by a current Starfleet officer". Also of note is that fact Picard is in civilian clothes and not his uniform, which is keeping with the news that the former captain will no longer be part of Starfleet in the new series. The Picard series is reportedly one of several in-development Star Trek projects for CBS, which is making the sci-fi property one of the foundations of its CBS All Access streaming service. And I have to commend showrunner Alex Kurtzman (who worked on that film) and the rest of the Star Trek production teams who ensure that despite the many series and movies that have existed in this universe, they are at least trying to keep some form of consistency within their respective timelines, making each series and movie relevant in its own right.

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