Tech giants pledge to limit online terror content

Ms Ardern’s office has confirmed the correspondence with is genuine

Ms Ardern’s office has confirmed the correspondence with is genuine Credit Jason Alden Bloomberg

The firms said they would update their terms of use to "expressly prohibit the distribution of terrorist and violent extremist content".

Seventeen countries, the European Commission, and eight major tech companies have signed up to the accord.

The meeting was held alongside the "Tech for Humanity" meeting of G7 Digital Ministers, of which France is the chair, and France's separate "Tech for Good" summit.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern noted the United States' support for the call's principles.

"We really put a stake in the ground today and said that, as an industry, we don't want to make protection against terrorism a point of competition but rather an element of cooperation", said Microsoft President Brad Smith in an interview following the launch event.

"The March 15 terrorist attack highlighted just how easily lives treaming can be misused for hate".

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is making the trip to Paris, the company said this week, while the White House is dispatching President Donald Trump's top tech adviser.

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The White House won't be signing an global agreement brokered on Wednesday to crack down on the kind of extremist content online that contributed to the New Zealand mosque massacres in March.

They also agree to establish incident management teams to urgently respond to objectionable content.

The Christchurch massacre "was truly unprecedented in its use of social media as a weapon in the attack and the subsequent spread of the terrorist's hateful message", Ardern said.

In Wednesday's agreement, which is not legally binding, the tech companies committed to measures to prevent the spread of terrorist or violent extremist content.

The comments came as five of the world's biggest tech companies pledged to tackle extremist material.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Paris this week to attend the summit.

That includes sharing the effects of their commercially-sensitive algorithms to develop effective ways to redirect users away from dark, single narratives.

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While the administration supports the document's goals, it fears some of its language would run counter to the Constitution's First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech, according to two people familiar with the deliberations but not authorised to discuss them on the record.

"This work will be critical for our broader efforts against manipulated media, including deepfakes", Rosen said, a reference to videos altered using artificial intelligence.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter released a joint statement Wednesday in connection with an worldwide summit in Paris, where world leaders and technology executives are gathered to discuss the issue.

"We welcome the continued momentum provided by support for the Christchurch Call as we work with global partners towards our mutual objectives for an open, interoperable, reliable, and secure internet". In the wake of the violence in which 51 people were killed, New Zealand immediately imposed new gun control measures and introduced legislation that would ban most semi-automatic firearms.

Why didn't the United States join?

Create a "violent extremist and terrorist content" category users can select when flagging inappropriate content.

"All action on this issue must be consistent with principles of a free, open and secure internet, without compromising human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression", it says. Leaders of other countries, like the United Kingdom and Canada, plan to sign onto the pledge.

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