Lenovo joins the foldable fray with new ThinkPad X1 prototype

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This Is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Foldable PC; Claimed To Be The World’s First

At Accelerate 2019, Lenovo showed off the "world's first foldable PC", which will be part of the company's flagship ThinkPad X1 series, aimed at businesses, and is expected to launch in 2020.

Lenovo's new device may look like a foldable tablet with a keyboard accessory, but it's actually a foldable computer with a detached keyboard.

Phones are not the only devices that have a foldable display as Lenovo has just unveiled the first ever foldable notebook.

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We've seen the foldable phones and the somewhat mixed reactions to them, but now Lenovo has thrown its hand in the ring with a foldable PC.

The age of the foldable device is upon us! In reality, the Galaxy Fold has been delayed indefinitely, as Samsung has to fix the screen and prevent it from breaking. The ThinkBook brand is new and will sit alongside ThinkPad and Lenovo's other PC brands.

Lenovo did not provide any performance specifications for the prototype device, but claims that it is made for "highly mobile, tech savvy professionals who demand the best tools".

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While the flexible ThinkPad looks in pretty good nick for an early-days device, without it showing much of a crease where the screen's folding hinge is, it's still a prototype gadget with things that need to be finalised.

What are your thoughts on Lenovo's foldable PC prototype? It's larger than a standard tablet, but the functionality appears the same. On the front of this desktop system, you'll find a total of two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a single USB 3.1 Type-C port and a combo audio jack. The display folds into a larger big screen as well, that can also be used as a touch screen device, and you can connect a physical keyboard to it separately.

"This space-saving ThinkPad combines laptop productivity with smartphone portability to fold into your lifestyle like never before", concludes the company's press release. "Peeling off the protective layer or using any adhesives on the main screen, such as screen protectors or stickers, may cause damage".

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