Fortnite Season 9 is Out Right Now on Mobile

Fortnite Season 9 Teaser 3 Final Teaser Released

Fortnite Season 9 Teaser 3 Final Teaser ReleasedNewsFortnite Season 9 Teaser 3 Revealed ReleasedBy Khadija Saifi

It looks like a new spot has popped up this season near Neo Tilted, found by Reddit user rtjr2.

On top of this, new "Fortbytes" have been added to the Battle Pass, which are 100 computer chips around the island - 18 to begin with, and a new one added every day of the season. Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Season 9 is listed down here.

Completing each of these tasks reveals a single tile of a special Loading Screen that will be fully unveiled by the end of Season 9. Check out the cinematic reveal trailer above, where the dark fate of banana man Peely is revealed.

Fortnite Creative is also getting updates, including a build-your-own imagined version of Neo Tilted, hover platforms and a creature manager.

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The tweet was followed with a response saying that a fix had been released to prevent it from happening to other players. The embedded tweet can be seen here.

There is one possible reason why Epic Games may want to release Fortnite season 10 on a Wednesday instead of a Thursday.

In the last February Month, Epic Games introduced Volcano with the Season 8 of the game.

With each new period of Fortnite Battle Royale bringing a great deal of new content for the community to enjoy, there is usually a variety of leaks that take place before the official start of the new period of content. The volcano has also changed it's name and now it's known as Pressure Plant. Now, Tilted Towers have been replaced by Neo Tilted.

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Not all of Tilted Towers was destroyed!

Apart from this Retail Row has been renamed and is now called Mega Mall in the Season 9 of the game. Players are then launched out of the stream when exiting based on their movement speed and exit angle, and projectiles and vehicles can also enter the Slipstream. There's still a bit of lava streaming out the front, so make sure you don't get burned!

During those matches, you should strive to kill enemies you run into because each kill you get during a match rewards you with additional XP.

Look, I'm gonna be real for a minute here - I don't play as much Fortnite Battle Royale as some of the more dedicated folks out there.

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We haven't seen the Fortnite Season 9 skins in their entirety just yet, but a trailer that arrived ahead of the new update shows off a handful of new cosmetics.

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