House Judiciary Committee Schedules Vote to Hold the Attorney General 'In Contempt'

Four pages of special counsel Robert Mueller report on the witness table in the House Intelligence Committee hearing room on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday

Trump Says It Directly: "Mueller Should Not Testify"

Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., if Mueller supported his conclusion on obstruction, Barr said he didn't know. "That's up to our attorney general, who I think has done a fantastic job".

Democrats have been working to hear directly from Mueller after Attorney General William Barr came under fire for mischaracterizing parts of the Mueller report, and a letter surfaced late last week suggesting Barr had misled Congress.

Barr has said the OLC opinion played no role in his conclusion, and Trump has used the attorney general's finding to claim that the report found no obstruction.

The panel has been in a weeks-long tug-of-war with the Justice Department over access to Mueller's report.

The letter was signed by officials from a wide-range of backgrounds, and included former USA attorneys and other top officials from both parties.

Still, Democratic House leaders have signaled they will methodically take advantage of all the legal steps available.

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The Department of Justice had previously called the request "premature and unnecessary".

What did committee members say?

"If the department persists in its baseless refusal to comply with a validly issued subpoena, the committee will move to contempt proceedings and seek further legal recourse", Nadler wrote.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller walks past the White House after attending services at St. John's Episcopal Church, in Washington, March 24, 2019. The chairs of five other House committees investigating the president have also called for its release.

For the production of underlying documents, Nadler offers to prioritize those materials specifically cited in the report. Mr. Trump, however, said Mueller should not testify, tweeting on Sunday that there were "no redos for the Dems".

And last week, the attorney general refused to testify before the committee to discuss the Mueller report.

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Some analysts predicted open political warfare over the constitutional division of powers, with Democrats defending Congress's right to conduct oversight and the president and his aides pledging to fight against what they describe as politically driven investigations.

Peter Carr, spokesman for the special counsel, declined to comment.

Trump just said on Friday that it's up to A.G. Barr whether or not Mueller should testify. The statement argues the Justice Department's policy of not indicting sitting presidents is the reason Trump avoided prosecution.

Over the weekend, Trump changed his position and decided Mueller should not appear before Congress.

Nadler said last week the committee was "firming up the date" for Mueller's testimony and hoping it would be May 15.

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA) slammed Democrats' cynical move to subpoena the unredacted Mueller, contending that complying with the subpoena would break the law.

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The 448-page Mueller Report found no evidence of collusion between Russian Federation and Mr Trump's 2016 election campaign. They also explored multiple incidents of alleged obstruction, and they went out of their way to say that they would've exonerated Trump if they could, but they can't.

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