Google's struggling Pixel sales invite comparison with Microsoft's smartphone failures

Google Pixel 3a spotted on Geekbench running Android Pie 9 with 4 GB RAM

Google Pixel 3

Based on the latest rumours, Google will debut a pair of brand-new Pixel smartphones alongside Android Q next week.

It seems nothing can stop the Google Pixel 3a from getting leaked before its official launch in May.

Alongside the Google Pixel 3a, Hot Hardwire reported that the single-core and multi-core scores of the bigger Pixel 3a XL were also indicated.

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The smaller Pixel 3a is said to feature a 5.6-inch sized display offering 1080 x 2220 Full HD+ resolution.

According to the report, another which the company did not mention but can be reason for the decline in the sales of Pixel 3 smartphones is the design aspect.

Some have questioned why Google would even bother with a cheaper family of Pixel phones given that 1) customers could just buy an older Pixel 2 with decent hardware specs, or 2) take advantage of the many promotional offers that have been available for the Pixel 3 since its release. This makes sense since most people who decide to shell out a lot of money on a phone, want it to be a total beauty, from all angles. The phones will apparently come with mid-tier processors and without any bells and whistles but are rumored to have the same imaging capabilities as the more expensive Pixel phones.

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Google Pixels are good phones. On the contrary, at one point, Samsung was spending close to $10 billion on phone marketing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the smartphone industry is "working through a phase where there is definite year-on-year headwinds".

The latest fiscal results were lower than expected and according to the CFO of the United States giant, this is due in part to lower sales of products in the Pixel range and partly to greater investments in advertising.

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Just yesterday, Alphabet reported that the 2019's first-quarter net income of $36.3 billion, with diluted earnings per share of $9.50. For now, all we can do is wait for the launch of the new Pixel phones before we reach our verdict!

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