Are These the Footprints of a Yeti?

Indian Army the “mysterious footprints” of the Yeti is seen

Indian Army the “mysterious footprints” of the Yeti is seen

The taller-than-human snowman that has been known for residing in the Himalayas was just spotted by the Indian Army. The images, however, show the imprint of only one foot. Even the Army's tweet said that the footprint measured 32x15 inches.

There have been researches over the existence of the mythical character, with some people claiming to have seen it.

The mysterious footprints found near Mount Makalu Basecamp.

The legend of Yeti, or 'Abominable Snowman, ' dates back to the 1920s.

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As news agency Reuters pointed out, in response to the army's tweet, it remained unclear how a mythical beast could leave footprints.

The one area where the Yeti has been found in abundance is popular culture. Photograph was taken at Menlung glacier on the Everest expedition by Eric Shipton in 1951.

Tales of a wild hairy beast roaming the Himalayas have captured the imagination of climbers in Nepal since the 1920s, prompting many, including Sir Edmund Hillary, to go looking for the creature.

In 2013, Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes conducted tests on hair samples left behind in footprints.

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Purported Yeti scalp at Khumjung monastery.

Undeterred by the endless mockery on social media, the Army held its position. The tweet also added that the creature has only been sighted in and around Makalu-Barun National Park.

The Army's post attracted a lot of reactions on Twitter, with "Yeti" becoming one of the top trending search topics. In the past, the sightings offered as evidence have been proven to have come from mountain bears.

Another chimed in saying: "With all due respect to everyone, what we call Yeti is with all probability either the Himalayan Brown Bear or Tibetean Blue Bear". Many have openly ridiculed the claims and have posted amusing comments and images on the alleged find, which have proven to be very popular. "We tweeted as we thought it would be prudent to excite scientific temper and rekindle the interest", a senior Indian Army official told Deccan Herald.

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