Trump announces withdrawal from U.N. Small Arms Treaty

Pence listens to President Donald Trump during a bilateral meeting in the Cabinet Room at the White House

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Trump signed the letter and then threw the pen to the crowd, which was chanting "U-S-A".

Trump said the treaty could infringe on USA sovereignty and the rights of Americans.

Dropping out of the treaty is part of a broader Trump administration overhaul of arms export policies to bolster a domestic industry that already dominates global weapons trade.

Holding pictures of victims killed in gun violence, thousands of people, many of them students, march against gun violence in Manhattan during the March for Our Lives rally on March 24, 2018 in New York City.

The phone flew toward one side of the lectern as Trump was approaching from the other side.

The NRA presidency has previously been a ceremonial post, but the Times reports North has asked for it to be a paid position.

Its supporters dismiss those claims and say the treaty was drafted to have no effect on gun laws in the United States.

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Mr Trump said the US Senate had never ratified the 2013 Arms Trade Treaty despite his predecessor Barack Obama having endorsed it, and said he would never ratify it.

Trump said Friday the United States would not abide by the 2013 treaty aimed at regulating the global arms trade, calling it "misguided" and encroachment on USA sovereignty.

The US National Rifle Association warns that it amounts to global gun control, and is a threat to the second amendment right to bear arms. The US is among another 29 nations that signed the treaty but have not ratified it to make it law. There was a vote scheduled for Sunday to choose the president. "This was a well-choreographed pandering to special interest groups", she said.

"If there was only one gun - if there were two, three, four - it wouldn't have happened, a tiny percentage by comparison", Trump said.

"It seems like it's a long ways away". "It's awesome that he (Donald Trump) knows that too".

Speaking a year ago during the 2018 midterm campaign, the President delivered a speech reminiscent of his campaign rallies that touched on a range of base-pleasing topics and included an airing of grievances relating to the special counsel's investigation. He said he's seen "corruption at the highest levels". Surveillance. Trying for an overthrow?

Mueller's probe found no evidence that Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election.

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Another senior USA administration official said that the U.S. will consult allies in the coming days about the Trump administration's decision to leave the ATT.

President Obama signed it, however, and NRA members no doubt remember this, hence the enthusiasm over Trump's rejection of the treaty Friday.

One board member in Indianapolis claimed to Breitbart News on Friday that numerous specifics North raised occurred years ago, had been referred to the relevant board committees at the time, and appropriate corrective action had already been taken.

Trump is speaking to the convention for the third year in a row. He has always been the public face of the group.

Mr Trump made the announcement as he vowed to fight for gun rights and implored members of the nation's largest pro-gun group to rally behind his re-election bid. The clocks in the stadium were set to 45:00.

"It was really cool", said Donaghy.

The below video from Twitter is lower quality than the above, but continues through more of the letter. He began by using standard NRA talking points, going after the mainstream media and lawmakers who seek to restrict gun rights. He tweets that the NRA is "getting stronger & stronger and doing some really great and important work".

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