Woman wakes up from coma after 28 years

EAST LONDON SOUTH AFRICA SEPTEMBER 10: Ayanda Nqinana reunites with his son Ayavuya

Ayanda Nqinana reunites with his son Ayavuya

Abdulla's son, Omar Webair, was just 4 years old at the time of the crash.

On the day of the accident, Ms Abdullah's brother-in-law had driven her to pick up four-year-old Omar from kindergarten as there were no buses available.

The mother, who was 32 at the time, was hugging her son to protect him as a school bus ploughed into their vehicle.

Her family transferred her from one hospital to another, in the UAE and overseas, hoping that she would one day wake up from her long coma.

They were sat in the back seat when the bus hit the auto and Ms Abdullah threw herself protectively around him.

Omar suffered only minor wounds, but his mother had a brain injury that was left untreated for hours.

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Now, she is able to call the names of her loved ones, recite prayers and hold conversations with people.

There she was treated with physiotherapy and drugs to improve her wakefulness and sleeping patterns - which Mr Webair said made his mother appear more responsive.

The National reports that after being transferred to a London hospital following the crash, Ms Abdulla was determined to be in a minimally conscious state.

The woman was moved to various hospitals over the years due to insurance requirements. Then she opened her eyes in a German hospital room in the year 2018.

A mother has regained full consciousness after she spent nearly three decades in a vegetative state with a severe brain injury.

"There was a misunderstanding in the hospital room and she sensed I was at risk, which caused her a shock", Omar said.

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This meant she was unresponsive but could still feel pain.

"Then three days later I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. She was calling my name, I was flying with joy; for years I have dreamt of this moment, and my name was the first word she said".

"She gives me the topic and once I start with the prayer she continues the lines herself", Omar said.

Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, offered the family the grant without even being asked, sending Mr Weibar and his mother to Germany for the treatment that would change their lives.

She has returned to Abu Dhabi, where she is undergoing physiotherapy and further rehabilitation - mainly to improve her posture when sitting and prevent muscles from contracting.

It is impossible to predict the chances of someone in a state of impaired consciousness improving, says the UK's National Health Service.

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