Discredited liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders defends her constant lying

GOP ‘Gang of Eight’ senator leaked all five major Trump-linked targets of Mueller probe to the White House after FBI briefing

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tried to do damage control on her credibility Friday, insisting that she hadn't intentionally misled the American public about FBI Director James Comey's firing despite telling the special counsel that her claim that "countless" agents had lost confidence in him was not founded on anything.

According to the Hill, Sanders told the press that "countless" Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had lost confidence in Comey, but she later told Mueller's team her past remark was unfounded and was a "slip of the tongue" made "in the heat of the moment".

Reporters like Ryan aren't "taken seriously" and were simply "looking for couple more minutes on TV", Sanders said after her already shaky reputation for forthrightness was destroyed, and she stood in front of the cameras and continued to spew word salad as families rolled Easter Eggs behind her on the White House lawn.

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She asserted that "countless" Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had confided in the White House that they no longer had confidence in Comey. During the interview, she admitted to Sean Hannity that she wasn't fully truthful in her press conference after Comey was sacked.

Sanders took particular offense at Ryan's saying "you have to start lopping the heads off" when a lack of credibility is found. "It's "Fire Me Thursday" or 'Fire Me Good Friday, ' - she needs to go".

But while the report makes clear that she was lying, Sanders never admitted to that. Sanders said she didn't know anything about the repayment until Giuliani disclosed it. They said I should be choked.

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Mueller's report said Sarah Huckabee Sanders told investigators she made comments to reporters that were "not founded on anything".

Sanders, who has often accused news media outlets of spreading "fake news" about Trump, was just a footnote in Mueller's 448-page report. And I think that we may have to agree to disagree. "They have the option, they could be working with the president to solve some of the big problems", Sanders said. "I think it just once again proves why this journalist isn't taken seriously", Sanders added, without calling the CNN analyst by name. Remember when Sanders disseminated a doctored video from an alt-right website in order to accuse CNN's Jim Acosta of physically assaulting a White House press intern? "I'm sorry that I wasn't a robot like the Democrat [sic] Party". And House Democratic lawmakers and aides say they do not view the Trump White House has honest negotiators who actually want to work with anyone but Republicans to write legislation.

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