Bashir moved to Khartoum's Kobar prison - family sources

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Sudanese protesters have hardened their stand, demanding a transitional military council be scrapped and immediately replaced with civilian rule as Tuesday they refused to end a days-long sit-in outside army headquarters.

In initial steps to tackle corruption, the TMC ordered the central bank to review financial transfers since April 1 and to seize "suspect" funds, state news agency SUNA said on Wednesday.

While moving al-Bashir to a prison may reflect the military giving in to one of the protesters' demands, it could also be an attempt to get him away from the proximity of the street protests underway outside the army headquarters in Khartoum, where he had been held since the dramatic events of last week.

"We faced tear gas, many of us were jailed".

The coup team led by Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf had indicated that al-Bashir was under arrest and was being kept in a safe place.

But the honeymoon of his successor, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, lasted just days.

After South Sudan's independence in 2011, Museveni and al-Bashir gradually reconciled and have since jointly championed efforts to end fighting in the newest African country.

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The demonstrations quickly spread, and inspired by the success of similar protests in Algeria, protestors began calling on al-Bashir to step down.

The SPLM-N had sought to overthrow Bashir and pushed for autonomy for Blue Nile and South Kordofan states and a redistribution of wealth and political powers in the country.

Burhan hailed Sudan's "special relationship" with the two Arab states, with Saudi officials reportedly offering to supply emergency basic commodities such as food and petrol.

Henry Oryem, Uganda's minister of state for global affairs, told the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs that the ousted leader is a guarantor to the South Sudan peace process.

The military has said it would not extradite him to the International Criminal Court to face charges of war crimes and genocide in the region of Darfur, but would instead put him on trial at home. He denies the allegations.

The Trump administration has suspended talks on normalising relations with Sudan after the military deposed veteran autocrat Omar al-Bashir last week.

Oryem said al-Bashir had yet to contact Kampala for possible refuge, but added that there was no harm in considering the fallen Sudanese leader for political asylum.

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Former president Omar Al-Bashir has been under house arrest at the presidential residence since he was removed from power on April 11, 2019.

Analysts say Bashir, an autocrat who took over in 1989 in another coup, has left behind a deep state that may prove hard to root out.

This came even as the protesting civilians continued to demand for a government led by a civilian leader and not another military man.

Other members of the 10-strong military council include a Niss representative and the chief of police.

Many wore white coats, waved Sudanese flags and chanted: "Freedom, peace, justice and the revolution is the people's choice".

The UAE, a leading member of the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen, was quick to welcome Burhan's appointment and said it would look to accelerate aid to Sudan.

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