Samsung Vows To Thoroughly Investigate Epic Fail Of Galaxy Fold Displays

Samsung’s futuristic new foldable phone keeps breaking

Galaxy Fold screens are reportedly breaking already for some early users

Seoul: South Korean tech giant on Thursday said it will inspect Samsung Galaxy Fold units of highly anticipated folding smartphone after some reviewers reported screen damage. Well, it didn't go so good, and by "not going so good" we mean some of them had their screens break on the first day.

Reviewers of the new Galaxy Fold said they did not know what the problem was and Samsung did not provide answers. He theorized that it may have been a piece of debris that got into the hinge and pressed up against the display. It doesn't go on sale in the U.S. until April 26, but some review units have reportedly broken after just a few days of use.

Several users ran into problems after removing a protective layer of film on the devices.

To be clear, the Galaxy Fold isn't actually out yet: the affected units - four confirmed by our count, plus an extra unconfirmed possible - are in the hands of reviewers and YouTubers.

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After one day of use...

Prior to the Fold's release, Samsung reportedly tested the phone's folding mechanism more than 200,000 times, claiming it passed the threshold for durability.

Samsung on Thursday said removing the protective layer might result in damage, and that it would clearly inform customers of the issue. But the biggest issue with the new Galaxy Fold might not be the design, but rather the execution.

He continues, sharing examples of other reviewers whose phones have also become inoperable after just one or two days, for a variety of reasons.

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Samsung has said it plans to churn out at least 1 million foldable Galaxy Fold handsets globally, compared with its total estimated 300 million mobile phones it produces annually.

The company's statement to The Verge shows no sign of slowing down the Galaxy Fold's April 26launch, although these plans could very well change when investigations are complete. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure created to protect the screen from unintended scratches.

The Galaxy Fold goes on sale on April 26 in the United States for $US1,980 ($2,757), making it one of the most expensive phones anywhere - particularly if it isn't as durable as promised.

The Bloomberg writer speculates that the issue could have stemmed from the removal of a plastic layer on the screen that he mistakenly believed was a screen protector. The Verge's Dieter Bohn, for example, said that the display on his Galaxy Fold broke after a bulge appeared on the screen.

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