Beyonce Gushes: 'Loving Michelle Obama Wasn’t Much of A Choice'

Official White House

Official White House

That feels like it's fun but then you get sick.

Despite the discord and division that characterizes the US right now, Obama says she's hopeful for the future of America.

Obama did not mention Trump by name, but had referred to him indirectly during the event. As you may know, Michelle Obama was named one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People and it seems like Queen Bey agrees that she totally deserves her spot!

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It is no secret that America's going through troubling times right now.

"This may feel like a dark chapter but any story has its highs and lows but it continues", she said. gathers that Ms Obama who was interviewed by United States late-night host Stephen Colbert, also jokingly compared the U.S. with President Trump in the White House to being a teenager. Yes, we are in a low but we have been lower.

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Gushing that she was "honoured" to know the 55-year-old, who previously worked as a corporate lawyer, Beyonce went on to hail her charitable work with young people and the success of her memoir Becoming and called her a "portrait of grace" when criticised.

"She's equating, she's reduced us to a sexist stereotype with a bad parent who gives candy and lets the kids watch too much TV because we have a guilty conscience about the breakup of the marriage".

"We have always come out at the other end - better and stronger". Beyonce's letter arrives a day after she released her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, with a live album to match her 2018 Coachella performance (April 16). On Twitter, one user said he's disappointed in her lack of overall respect for divorced dads. CNN reporter Kate Bennett said it "was a really big misstep on her part" and the network aired a segment rounding up negative reactions from social media users who said they were divorced dads. "We are just in the throes of the uneasy path of change".

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Hannity described the comments as "demeaning and insulting" to America's divorced dads.

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