IOS 13 to have dark mode, undo gesture, multiple windows on iPad

A Dark Mode is coming to iPhones this September

A Dark Mode is coming to iPhones this September

Oh, and iPad apps that run on a Mac through Marzipan will be able to take advantage of dark mode on both systems.

Multitasking on iPad will improve too it is claimed, with iOS 13 bringing multiple windows to apps, with each window offering sheets. It is said that each window will also get the ability to include sheets that will initially be attached to the screen but could be detached with a drag gesture. The cards will support stacking and use a depth effect to indicate which are on top. These cards can be flung away to be dismissed.

Safari on the iPad, meanwhile, will automatically load the desktop version of a website when appropriate, eliminating a common issue in which websites render an iPhone version on the iPad's larger screen.

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There are possibly many other iOS 13 features the report doesn't touch on, nor is it confirmed all of these will make it to the public version of iOS.

IPad users will also be treated to a new undo gesture; now, iOS users have to physically shake their device to undo, but with iOS 13, iPad users will be able to perform a three-finger tap on the keyboard area, after which sliding left and right will allow users to undo and redo actions. The new system will notify you when you're opening a document that has missing fonts.

Mail improvements. In iOS 13, the Mail app is being updated with category (marketing, purchases, travel, "not important" and more) filtering and a new Read Later queue.

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Other additional gestures are expected to be introduced with iOS 13, such as allowing a selection of multiple items in table views and collection views. Furthermore, the "Hey Siri" rejection for noises such as laughter will be improved, and the new iOS version would get support for keyboards and dictation, and expanded in-app printing controls. The new dark mode will enable users to use their Apple products more comfortably in the darker environments and in the night, which will further help sleep easily since there wouldn't be any blue light emissions from those super bright OLED displays.

Apple has unveiled the newest members of the iPad family.

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