I only spoke to Mourinho twice at Chelsea - De Bruyne


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Bought from Genk in 2012, De Bruyne would go on to make just nines appearances for the Blues over two years and spent a full season on loan at Werder Bremen.

However, the Belgium global explained that his career could have gone down a different path if the Portuguese boss hadn't stood in his way after returning from Bremen.

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne has written about his experiences with Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and revealed the manager told him he was the sixth-choice in his position. "I am pretty sure he has had a lot of assistance from his manager and the manager's coaching staff, and the quality of players around him".

"Then I got to City and I actually met Raheem, and we'd talk a bit after training, and I thought, Wait, this guy seems really cool?"

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"Seeing him chase back to get Wilf Zaha, to prevent Zaha getting into a situation where he might be 1-v-1, I think that is a great credit him". When I came back to Chelsea the next summer, a few German clubs wanted to sign me. "We know that, and the players have shown they want to do it, and I didn't have any doubts about that". So I will let you in on a little secret.

"Of course, when you read this stuff about yourself, you think, 'Me?"

De Bruyne went on to say that the meeting with Mourinho convinced him he needed to move on from Chelsea in search of the minutes he needed to play to further his career.

"Jose called me into his office in December, and it was probably the second big life-changing moment for me". They said I was 'the Chelsea reject'. "They said you're too quiet".

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Mourinho himself was asked about De Bruyne's exit at the time and issued a damning response. "Now I'm doing well and you want me back?'" De Bruyne said. I've only played three. For a month in the Premier League, we've known it'd be nearly impossible ... no, possible but very hard, to win the title if we dropped points. I was on the bench, and I never really got a chance again.

'I was completely honest. "The injuries and the matches that I've missed have been extremely hard for me, mentally", he said. I thought you were going to be really distant and shy.

Chelsea have a long list of failed superstars who then flourished playing for the clubs and one of them has shed some light on his time at London.

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