Everything We Know About the Star Wars TV Show The Mandalorian

First Look of The Mandalorian: Pedro Pascal Describes His Character as a 'Badass'


It's even being described as the "ultimate" LEGO Star Wars game, meaning you can presumably expect levels and characters from across Episodes I-III, IV-VI, and VII-IX, as well as spin-offs, animated series and such.

The Mandalorian premieres November 12, 2019, the same day the Disney+ streaming service launches. Disney+'s The Mandalorian TV show photographs feature Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, and Carl Weathers in various situations from the Star Wars series. And while it wasn't made clear if Dave Filoni ever attempted to secure himself a role in Iron Man 2 or any of the other MCU flicks, Jon Favreau was quick to try and insert himself into Filoni's world. According to Pascal, his titular Mandalorian has "got a lot of Clint Eastwood in him".

Though visitors to Chicago's Star Wars Celebration saw brief footage of the show, LucasFilm has not yet posted it online. "He hires this guy, sends him out there, and Mando does what needs to be done".

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The panel has some really nerdy technical stuff about how they filmed ship footage using miniatures and stuff.

One cool detail mentioned on the panel, is that when the production needed more Stormtroopers for scenes, they called up the 501st Legion, the long-running Stormtrooper cosplay group. The Mandalorian was in some kind of cantina-like space, sitting across from Greef.

Carano will reportedly be playing Cara Dune, an ex-rebel shocktrooper. He asks for a bigger job but Greef says that this one is more risky.

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The show will focus on a new warrior inspired by the uber-popular Star Wars character Boba Fett and be set shortly after Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. You can see part of the interview below.

Star Pedro Pascal also says that his enigmatic protagonist might be more "relatable" than we were expecting, as he feels that the Mandalorian's suit and helmet represents the armor we all wear in everyday lives.

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