Sudan coup leader steps down

Moussa Faki

African Union criticises military takeover in Sudan

He announced his decision to step down at a nationwide broadcast on Friday.

"I announce the selection of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Abdulrahman to succeed me as president of the military council".

"We reject the formation of the military council".

"In order to ensure the cohesion of the security system, and the armed forces in particular, from cracks and strife, and relying on God, let us begin this path of change", Ibn Auf said.

Sudanese protesters angry that army commanders have taken control after removing veteran president Omar al Bashir in a palace coup defied a night-time curfew to keep up four months of mass demonstrations today, April 12, 2019. We have taken it and won't leave until victory is achieved. "We call on the masses to stay on the streets until all the demands are met".

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British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says two years of potential military rule in Sudan "is not the answer" for "real change" in the country.

Lieutenant General Omar Zein Abedeen, head of the political military committee, promised to serve as the "protectors" of public will.

Thousands of protestors heeded the call to stage a sit-in outside Khartoum army headquarters in defiance of the curfew as pressure piled on the military council 's to hand over to civilian rule.

The European Union urged the army to carry out a "swift" handover to civilian rule while United Nations chief UN chief Antonio Guterres called for a transition that would meet the "democratic aspirations" of the Sudanese people.

Bashir, 75, himself seized power in a 1989 military coup.

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Abideen said the military council had no solutions to Sudan's crisis and these would come from the protesters, adding that it plans to hold a dialogue with them. The U.S. placed him under sanctions in 2007 for his role in the conflict in Sudan's western Darfur region, where he liaised between the government and the Janjaweed, a militia notorious for its attacks on civilians.

He left open the possibility that a future civilian government in Sudan could extradite al-Bashir to the court in The Hague, Netherlands.

Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power by the military following months of civilian protests against his 30-year rule. Mohammed Hamadati, the commander, said talks are needed so Sudan would "avoid slipping into chaos".

The army has said it will oversee a transitional period followed by elections. "They should be allowed to do so sooner than two years from now".

Sudan's intelligence service said it was freeing all political prisoners. They are calling for a new and civilian-led government.

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"Through consensus among political forces, we will not impose anything on the people", he said during a press conference.

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