The Vice President SLAMS Maduro's UN Ambassador to His Face — PENCE UNLEASHED

Locals gather at a street food cart during a blackout in Caracas Venezuela

REUTERS Ivan Alvarado New Blackout Leaves Communities Throughot Venezuela in the Dark

In addition, Pence stressed that Washington has a draft United Nations resolution, and the USA is seeking its official endorsement from all countries.

However, it was extremely unlikely that the UN Security Council would approve the US-proposed resolution.

Pence made the remarks during a hearing of the council at United Nations headquarters in New York City, and in support of a resolution supporting Guaido over technical Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The United States and Russian Federation both failed in rival bids to get the Security Council to adopt resolutions on Venezuela in February.

The United States called an emergency meeting of the UN's most powerful body, which is deeply divided over Venezuela, to focus on the worsening humanitarian situation in Venezuela.

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The Trump administration has also strongly supported the leadership challenge by National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, who is recognized by the US and more than four dozen other governments as Venezuela's interim president. He said also it's time for the seat Guaido's representative at the United Nations - and expel the current representative.

But he said that since 2017, Trump has made clear that "we're absolutely determined to see freedom and democracy restored in Venezuela" and to see Maduro step down and democracy restored under Guaido. "If you want to make America great again, and we are all sincerely interested in seeing that, stop interfering in the affairs of other states". The US, its European allies, and dozen of other countries have endorsed the move.

Although Maduro and his socialist ruling party enjoy support from many poor and working-class Venezuelans, his government has been facing its toughest challenge to date from Guaidó, who has highlighted the country's plummeting economy, as well as the exodus of Venezuelans, in calling for Maduro's ouster. "For the peace and security of our hemisphere, the world and the United Nations must stand with the people of Venezuela".

"The scale of need is significant and growing", Lowcock said.

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"We shall promote the road of cooperation and global support, in favour of the people", Maduro said.

In February, Venezuelan troops blocked USA -backed aid convoys trying to enter from Colombia and Brazil.

Media Stakeout by Mr. Mike Pence, Vice President of the USA, on the situation in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The attempted passage of the convoys resulted in violence with photos of a burning aid truck becoming a source of worldwide outrage and a highly-publicized symbol of Maduro's "dictatorship".

He stressed that it was important that the humanitarian supplies come into Venezuela with no political strings attached but with "respect to the sovereignty" of the country and "without politicization of any kind or misrepresentation".

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"That's the nature of the regime that we're dealing with".

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