Here's why Captain Marvel is wearing so much makeup in 'Avengers: Endgame'

Avengers Endgame Mark Ruffalo Captain America

During an interview with E! News Mark Ruffalo may have revealed a huge spoiler about the fate of Captain America in Avengers Endgame

"I wouldn't be surprised to see a record amount of fans reporting sick to work or taking the day off on Friday because they'll be attending opening day screenings", Fandango managing editor Erik Davis said, according to THR. Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Still, we can look back on the other flicks that weren't so lucky, and see how this cut content changes not only their own movie, but in some cases our entire perception of a character's arc. It wouldn't be the first time that male filmmakers made clueless choices about hair and makeup, failing to realize that some female characters shouldn't be glamorous. It is impossible to commit to anything with any kind of clarity a year before you're about to release some content. 'Cause who knows your DP could accidentally put the title on his resume and then we throw it out. You can take or leave this new 30-second spot for the upcoming Marvel movie because, on one hand, it doesn't do much besides stir up some excitement for the film's eventual arrival, and on the other, you can't trust anything that Marvel releases in its marketing material these days. It's the first line of Cap's speech, however, that will cause Marvelites to sit up straight in their seats and send the wheels in their minds turning a mile a minute: "You know your teams, you know your missions". "That's usually when the title sticks to a movie". "So, what we're hoping for is that people feel satisfied with the conclusion". And look, they have the right and that's their job but we also have the right and it's our job to protect the creative integrity of our choices.

Will Overcome Effect Of Sanctions, Says North Korea's Kim Jong Un
Kim made no mention of nuclear weapons, nor did he criticise his United States counterpart, according to KCNA . The big deal is we have to get rid of the nuclear weapons", the commander-in-chief said.

He continued: "I didn't even get a whole script to this movie".

The World’s First Real Picture Of A Black Hole Revealed
The scientists of the Event Horizon Telescope have made some big promises about what is going to be revealed today. But confirming that general relativity holds in a hitherto unstudied realm has great value, EHT team members said.

Well played, Anthony Russo.

National Enquirer Being Shopped By Parent Corp. American Media
American Media LLC announced that it is seeking a buyer for the National Enquirer and other newsprint tabloids it owns. Back in 2016, AMI was very leveraged and according to Chairman and CEO of American Media David Pecker "on the brink".

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