Doctors find 4 bees hiding in a woman's swollen eye

Sweat bees | Harish Tyagi  EPA  REX  Shutterstock

Sweat bees | Harish Tyagi EPA REX ShutterstockMore

The Taiwanese woman, named He, visited a hospital with an eye infection.

Doctors determined He had suffered from a severe bacterial infection as a result of the bees living in her eye. A Taiwanese woman was weeding around relatives' graves when a gust of wind blew what she thought was dirt into her eyes.

A doctor in Taiwan pulled four small bees out of a 28-year-old woman's eye, shocked that they were living there.

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They have also been discovered to consume tears due to their high protein content, according to research by the Kansas Entomological Society. If she had, it could have worsened her inflamed cornea or potentially led to blindness, Apple Daily Taiwan and other media outlets reported.

A closeup of a sweat bee, which is the size of a sesame seed. She washed her eyes at the scene, but when she returned home, her left eye started to itch, and her eyelid started to swell. "I looked into the gap with a microscope and saw something black that looked like an insect leg", Dr Hong, an ophthalmology professor at the hospital told the BBC.

While there are more than 1,000 species of sweat bees in the United States, Canada and Central America, according to Terminix, they are nearly painless, and only sting when they are provoked.

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"She was wearing contact lenses so she didn't dare to rub her eyes in case she broke the lens".

Halictidae or "sweat bees" are found all over the world.

The bees are not normally aggressive and only sting if touched, but once the stinger pierces the skin, it will continue to pump out venom until it is removed. By that evening, the woman was experiencing sharp pains and watery eyes so she sought out medical advice, according to the outlet.

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Doctors said if the woman had waited much longer to come in, they might have had to remove her eyeball. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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