Beresheet preparing for lunar landing

WATCH: Israel's Beresheet Lunar Lander Snaps Stunning Pics of Far Side of the Moon

Israel's Beresheet enters lunar orbit, becomes 7th nation to achieve feat

Its engines have been fired several times to increase the highest point of its elliptical path nearby Earth, until the path of the moon has been crossed by it.

After entering lunar orbit last week, Israeli spacecraft Beresheet on Monday morning successfully performed another maneuver as it entered ever-tighter orbits around the moon, before attempting to land on April 11 in the Sea of Serenity.

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The NIS 370 million ($100 million) spacecraft is a joint venture between the Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries, funded nearly entirely by private donations from well-known Jewish philanthropists. In order to stay close to the moon and not shoot off into space, the craft had to be slowed in a procedure called the lunar capture maneuver. It entered orbit on April 4.

"A week from today we'll make more history by landing on the Moon, joining three super powers who have done so", Kahn added.

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If the April 11 landing goes smoothly, it will mark the first privately-funded moon-landing. As Kahn alluded to, the next challenge for Beresheet will be a historic landing on the moon next week. Its current minimum distance is just 210 kilometers (130 miles). SpaceIL built Beresheet, a nonprofit in Israel, which is the 1 privately financed venture for sending a spacecraft into orbit so away from our planet Earth.$20 million Google Lunar X Prize was originally aimed by SpaceIL as the 1 isolated robotic craft to set down the moon, but a year ago the deadline was passed. It will fire its rockets to reduce its speed and hopefully touch down gently on the surface.

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