Frightening Drug-Resistant Infection Cropping Up Around The World

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Frightening Drug-Resistant Infection Cropping Up Around The World

Scientists say that if new and more efficient drugs are not developed, humanity may soon find itself facing one of the most acute problems - drug-resistant infections.

What makes it deadly is that it is a drug-resistant fungus.

The Candida Auris attacks patients with a weakened immune system.

Over the last five years, it has hit a neonatal unit in Venezuela, swept through a hospital in Spain, forced a prestigious British medical centre to shut down its intensive care unit, and taken root in India, Pakistan and South Africa, The New York Times reported.

Most C. auris infections are treatable with a class of antifungal drugs called echinocandins.

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Some hospitals needed special cleaning equipment and even had to rip out some of the ceiling and floor tiles to eradicate the fungus, The New York Times reported.

In the United States, most of the confirmed cases have been out of NY as of February 2018, according to the CDC.

[Image: courtesy of CDC] Globally, more than two dozen countries have reported either single or multiple cases of Candida auris, affecting every continent accept Antarctica.

"Based on information from a limited number of patients, 30-60% of people with C. auris infections have died". The doctors prescribed antibiotics and antifungal medication, but fluconazole was discontinued after a week when the fungus was tested to be resistant to it, the report said.

Note : Nearly half of the patients who contract C Auris die within 90 days, according to a statement from the CDC. The first involved a 24-year-old Bangladeshi male who flew to Singapore to seek medical treatment, while the second involved a 69-year-old United States male citizen who was suffering from a lung disease.

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According to the CDC, symptoms of the fungus may be hard to detect because patients are often already sick and only a lab test can identify the superbug. IL had 144 confirmed cases and New Jersey had 104.

Members of the public remained in the dark until a scientific paper reported that there was "an ongoing outbreak of 50 C. auris cases" in July 2016.

Now hospitals and local governments are reluctant to disclose outbreaks for fear of being seen as infection hubs.

- Federal health authorities are warning about an emerging fungu that presents a serious global health threat and is showing up in NY and New Jersey.

Almost half of the patients who are infected with the C. auris die in 90 days.

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