Strong justification needed for long Brexit Delay — EU's Barnier

Madeleina Kay Young European of the Year 2018 dressed in blue holds an EU flag and entertains the public while singing about Brexit outside the Houses of Parliament Westminster London ahead of the latest round of debates in the House of Commons concer

British MPs trying to pass law which would force Theresa May to seek delay to Brexit

The alarms are flashing, the cliff-edge is coming closer - but can Britain avoid tumbling out of the European Union?

Remain-supporting MPs also spent the day laying the groundwork to force through legislation that outlawed a no-deal Brexit once and for all.

He added that he would hold a vote of no-confidence in the government in reserve if any eventual accord still failed to achieve majority support in a deeply split British parliament.

Earlier this month, the European Union agreed to postpone the original Brexit date of March 29, but gave Britain only until April 12 to come up with a new plan and seek a further extension, or leave without an agreement or a transition period to smooth the way.

He accused the party of being unwilling to agree to compromise over Brexit.

Mrs May said: "I have always been clear that we could make a success of no-deal in the long term but leaving with a deal is the best solution".

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Her spokesman said it was possible to cancel participation in the European elections right up to the day of the vote.

But she is believed to favour a no-deal Brexit rather than the possibility of revoking Article 50 if the choice came to it.

But it has been roundly rejected by lawmakers on both sides of the Brexit divide. Pro-EU legislators argue it is worse than the U.K.'s current status as an EU member.

"Furthermore, if she is intending to rely on Labour votes and ride roughshod over the Conservative Party in Parliament, she is putting the future of the party in peril".

He said: "I think the United Kingdom deal, the deal that our country has negotiated with the European Union remains head and shoulders above other options for how we might leave the European Union".

Pro-Brexit Conservative Bill Cash told parliament seizing control in this way was a "a reprehensible procedure".

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"Labour must now stick to their commitments on a People's Vote or risk becoming the midwives of Brexit", she said.

British PM is not giving up on her withdrawal deal. It also would likely be welcomed by the European Union and would allow Britain to leave the bloc in an orderly fashion in the next few months. A plan for a second referendum was also narrowly defeated by 280 to 292.

The alternative to a "no-deal" departure is to delay Brexit for at least several months, and possibly more than a year, to sort out the mess.

"Even if, after today, we don't know what the end result will be, let us be patient", he said.

Cabinet ministers have left Downing Street after the Prime Minister's statement, but none offered any comment to waiting media.

Following the failure of MPs to unite behind an alternative to Mrs May's plan on Monday, the group, including Conservative grandee Sir Oliver Letwin and Labour's Yvette Cooper, aims to pass the bill through the Commons on Thursday.

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When asked if he and others were considering quitting the party, he replied: "That's a very good question - this is fundamental".

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