Over half of Norway's vehicle sales are now electric

In a first, electric cars outsell traditional ones in Norway

Over half of Norway's car sales are now electric

Norway, a wealthy European nation of 5.3 million, has provided big incentives to boost electric auto sales.

Norway's Parliament has voted to require that all new cars sold in the Scandinavian country be electric by 2025.

Teslas are flowing into Norway, the California-based company's fourth-biggest market worldwide, as it steps up deliveries of the Model 3, a vehicle created to be more affordable than previous models.

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With 5,315 new cars registered, Tesla's Model 3 accounted for 29 percent of the new sales.

By bringing down the cost of EVs - by exempting them from the 25% GST among other measures - brings the upfront cost of EVs down to petrol and diesel cars, and the consumers - lured by lower operating costs and a great driving experience - do the rest.

"Norway has every reason to be proud of breaking more BEV records".

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"Norway shows the whole world that fully electric cars can replace petrol and diesel cars and become an important contribution to combat Carbon dioxide emissions, as well as relieving local air from other harmful gases caused by burning fossil fuels", Bu said. "The BEV policy is working so well that the larger part of consumers opt for a BEV when buying a new vehicle", said Secretary General Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association in a statement.

Electric cars have been popular in the Nordic country for years, but the March numbers indicated a sharp increase compared to the previous month, when the share of electric cars was about 40 percent. It waived hefty vehicle import duties and registration and sales taxes for buyers of electric cars to boost sales.

"The BEV policy is working so well that the larger part of consumers opt for a BEV when buying a new auto", she said.

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