Google's first AI-powered Doodle is a piano duet with Bach

Create your own Bach harmony via Google’s first AI-driven Doodle Irish Tech News

Create your own Bach harmony via Google’s first AI-driven Doodle Irish Tech News

Tech giant Google is celebrating world renowned German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach with its first AI-powered doodle.

A total of three Google teams were involved in the creation of the Doodle, which is powered by a machine learning model.

The model used in today's Doodle was developed by Magenta Team AI Resident Anna Huang, who developed Coconet: a versatile model that can be used in a wide range of musical tasks-such as harmonizing melodies or composing from scratch. It encourages players to compose a two measure melody of their choice.

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Now, as per a report, the goal of this special doodle was not only to let people have fun.

Google has been exploring the potential for AI-created music for a while now.

Coconet was trained on 306 of Bach's chorale harmonizations.

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Bach is known to be one of the influential composers of the Baroque era and to pay tribute to him right, and the Google Doodle created in his honour centres on the four-part harmony of which the four main voices are typically represented as soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Machine learning happens when engineers teach a computer to come up with its own answers by showing it examples from a data set. Once the model learned Bach's style from the various pieces, another team made it so that the machine learning could take place from someone's web browser to allow users to take advantage of it from their own homes, offices, or phones.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach, Germany in a family of distinguished musicians. Once created, the music can also be shared on social media.

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Primarily known as an exceptional organist during his lifetime, Johann Christian Bach also understood how to build and fix the complex inner mechanisms of pipe organs, a feature that has been incorporated into the interactive doodle.

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