Ethiopian jet crash could unlock high-stakes Boeing query

Ethiopian Red Cross workers carry a body bag with the remains of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash victims at the scene of a plane crash near the town of Bishoftu southeast of Addis Ababa

Boeing says finalizing software upgrade, revising pilot training for 737 Max

After a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashed in Indonesia, it turned out that the accident was probably caused by the failure to train pilots in a new automated piloting protocol.

The pilot, who was seated on the cockpit jumpseat, gave the flight's crew instructions on disabling on a malfunctioning flight-control system, sources told the news agency.

A different crew on the same plane the evening before encountered the same problem but solved it after running through three checklists, according to the November report.

Following the crash, other countries grounded the 737 Max aircraft, including China, which has the most number of 737s.

The news came as it was announced by the FAA on Wednesday afternoon that Boeing is developing a service bulletin instructing airlines to install new flight control computer operational program software in the now grounded Boeing 737 Max aircraft.

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Garneau's comments marked a break from protocol, with Canada traditionally working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates the U.S. commercial airline industry.

"We can't provide additional comment at this stage due the ongoing investigation on the accident", Lion Air spokesman Danang Prihantoro told Bloomberg.

On March 27, the same panel, the Senate Commerce subcommittee on aviation and space, also will question U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials.

The MCAS system which is expected to be limited in the upgrade, was the system used by a Lion Air 737 Max.

"Safety is the top priority of the Department, and all of us are saddened by the fatalities resulting from the recent accidents involving two Boeing 737-MAX 8 aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia, the referral memo from Chao reads".

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The FAA last week said it planned to mandate changes in the system to make it less likely to activate when there is no emergency.

"We have been working very hard to minimize that impact", said Lucie Guillemette, the airline's executive vice president.

Facing such high-profile scrutiny, Boeing, one of the United States' most prestigious exporters, reshuffled executives in its commercial airplanes unit to focus on the crash fallout. Both planes crashed minutes after take-off and their black boxes indicate similarities between two cases.

Ethiopian Red Cross workers carry a body bag with the remains of Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash victims at the scene of a plane crash, near the town of Bishoftu, southeast of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia March 12, 2019.

MCAS is driven by a single sensor near the nose that measures the so-called angle of attack, or whether air is flowing parallel to the length of the fuselage or at an angle.

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The captain was at the controls of Lion Air flight JT610 when the almost new jet took off from Jakarta, and the first officer was handling the radio, according to a preliminary report issued in November.

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