NSCIA condemns New Zealand terrorist attacks

New Zealand scolds Turkey’s Erdogan over airing massacre footage

Turkish VP calls for joint stance against terror acts

"We speak once again from Canakkale after 104 years, and say we have received your message", Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during ceremonies marking the 104th anniversary of the Battle of Canakkale, commemorating the martyrs in the historic victory.

The Greek foreign ministry warned the Turkish leader to tone down his campaign rhetoric after he accused the West of plotting against his country.

All around the world many leaders opted a more compassionate approach and stood in solidarity with the victims, some leaders used their Islamophobia and rise in Islamic migration to justify the attack, However, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chose a very different approach in which he used the video the shooter made (while murdering the victims) as an election booster.

New Zealand authorities said on Sunday that 34 people remain in hospital, being treated for injuries that Doctor Greg Robertson described ranging from severe, complex gunshot wounds to "relatively superficial soft tissue injuries".

Pentagon lists possible project cuts to pay for wall
He has vetoed legislation aimed at annulling his border emergency, and the House plans to vote on overriding the veto next week. Later on Thursday, the Senate voted to revoke the president's national emergency declaration , sending the bill to Trump's desk.

He called on New Zealand to amend its laws to ensure that the attacker is severely punished.

Speaking after a meeting of New Zealand's cabinet, Foreign Minister Winston Peters said he told his Turkish counterpart that Erdogan's use of the footage in an election campaign was wrong.

"If you come with the same intention, we'll be waiting for you", he said, warning they would be sent off just like their ancestors "without doubt".

Erdoğan told supporters: "If New Zealand fails to hold the attacker accountable, one way or another we will hold him to account". He criticised the Republican People's Party's Kemal Kilicdaroglu for blaming Islam and Muslims for the attack.

Netflix will not join Apple
The idea is to combine original content with programming from partners, including HBO and Starz. But Bloomberg News reported last week that Netflix won't be part of the service.

Ignoring Israeli police's attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinians in the occupied territories, Netanyahu added: "Erdogan should learn from us how to respect all religions and uphold human rights".

The clips Erdogan showed to thousands of people were blurry but still had the sound of gunfire.

The video prompted widespread condemnation.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters protested on Monday that such politicization of the massacre "imperils the future and safety of the New Zealand people and our people overseas, and it's totally unfair". Facebook said it removed 1.5 million versions of the video in the first 24 hours after the attack.

New Zealand PM Ardern vows never to speak killer's name
Yesterday I met my cousin - although he was killed in cold blood a few days ago, at the Christchurch terror attack in New Zealand. Tarrant was remanded without a plea and is due back in court on April 5 where police said he was likely to face more charges.

The Gallipoli reference is also particularly touchy, given that it is the basis of the Anzac Day national public holiday in Australia and New Zealand.

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