Netflix will not join Apple

Netflix wont be available on Apples upcoming streaming video service Reed Hastings

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos Chides Apple & Disney For Being “Very Late” To Streaming

"Apple's a great company".

The new video streaming service will offer subscriptions to other streaming services along with original TV shows from Apple. "We have chosen not to integrate into their services". The idea is to combine original content with programming from partners, including HBO and Starz. But it now wants to sell the service that people use to watch TV as well. The content leader "shrugged" when answering a question regarding this impact, with Sarandos saying Apple was not an important revenue source for the company. "So, I have to really reserve comment and judgment", the exec added diplomatically about the heavyweight competition coming to the already crowded digital content space, which Netflix had fully dominated just a couple of years ago.

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"We've been competing with 500 channels of cable and penetrated almost every household in the world for a long time", he declared with no small air of dismissal that Netflix could be heading the way of Napster as the new kids on the block begin launching.

Netflix's move is hardly surprising given its already-strained relationship with Apple; the firm refused to be part of Apple's TV app when it first launched in 2016, and in 2018, Apple stopped selling Netflix subscriptions through its App Store. But Bloomberg News reported last week that Netflix won't be part of the service. Users can subscribe to any streaming platform they like from within the app. The company declined to comment on Hastings's comments.

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Netflix is a relatively small company when compared to Apple.

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