How social media platforms reacted to viral video of New Zealand shootings

Facebook pulls 1.5 million mass murder videos

Christchurch mosques shootings: New Zealand companies decide to pull ads from Facebook and Google

Facebook said on Tuesday that the original stream of the attack was viewed live fewer than 200 times and non-live by 4,000 people before it was removed from the site.

According to Facebook, no one reported the video while it was live, and the first user report came in 12 minutes after the broadcast ended, 29 minutes after it began.

United Kingdom parliamentary report exposes Facebook's dirty secrets The committee report on fake news and data misuse says Facebook maximizes revenue "at all costs" - even when the cost is user privacy and trust. Facebook removed another three hundred thousand copies of the video globally in the first 24 hours, it said. "More than 1.2 million of those videos were blocked at upload, and were therefore prevented from being seen on our services".

Businesses need to seriously consider "if they wish to be associated with social media platforms unable or unwilling to take responsibility for content on those sites", ANZA CEO Lindsay Mouat told the Herald. "But the form of distribution, the tools of organization - they are new". Nonetheless, they say Facebook can not deflect responsibility. "They are the publisher, not just the postman". 'There can not be a case of all profit no responsibility'.

"The video was viewed fewer than 200 times during the live broadcast".

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"We have been working directly with the New Zealand Police to respond to the attack and support their investigation".

Vodafone and two other telecommunications operators, which provide internet access for most New Zealanders, said on Tuesday they want Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai to take part in an "urgent discussion" on how to keep harmful content off their platforms. However, before Facebook was made aware of the footage, an individual had already posted a link to a copy of the video on 8chan.

Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer, told The Washington Post that his platform also struggled to moderate the video successfully on its platform.

Since the incident, the backlash against Big Tech has grown as the Silicon Valley mainstays have struggled to explain how and why the disgusting video was able to spread so easily and quickly.

"We removed the personal accounts of the named suspect from Facebook and Instagram, and are actively identifying and removing any imposter accounts that surface", Sonderby said, noting that the original Facebook Live video has been hashed, meaning any visually similar content will be detected and removed automatically.

Social media criticised over slow removal of New Zealand terror attack footage
The inability of social sites to stop the video circulating was having an effect in other ways in New Zealand. New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs said people posting the video online risked breaking the law.

"But that brings into the whole issue of the question of regulation of social media".

The Herald understands that ASB, Lotto NZ, Burger King, Spark and number of other companies have banded together to take a stand against the harm caused by unmoderated content.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she has been in contact with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to ensure the video is entirely scrubbed from the platform. Jared Holt, a reporter for Right Wing Watch, said he was alerted to the live stream and reported it mid-attack.

Facebook has also identified how such content might "migrate" from other platforms in a bid to tackle it. Facebook has faced criticism for not preventing broadcast of the livestream.

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