Google Stadia to Launch in 2019 for US, Canada, UK, and Europe

Image Google  screenshot by mashable

Image Google screenshot by mashable

But this means that no matter what Chromebook you have, whether its an affordable one with a 720p display or a more expensive model like the 3000 x 2000 resolution Pixels Slate, you'll get the best possible gaming experience with Stadia. Stadia is reportedly more powerful than any gaming console on the market right now, and of course has the advantage of being easier to upgrade - as hardware upgrades happen remotely at the server side. It also comes with a share button that allows you to upload footage straight to your YouTube channel.

Google Stadia is launching this year in U.S., Canada, UK, and most of Europe.

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Aside from Google, Amazon and Apple are also rumored to be mulling their own game streaming services.

Google is officially getting into the gaming industry today. We had tested it ourselves and were impressed. Thus, Stadia probably won't work on iDevices. Someone could be watching a trailer for a game, click the option to play now and be playing within five seconds.

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Stadia offers install access.

Gamers can begin playing the game on a Chromebook before switching over to their phone or PC device. They will play using mice and keyboards, USB controllers or a WiFi-enabled controller that Google plans to launch this year. And what happens to your game state if you briefly lose connection, or if there's a server crash on Google's end?

Google is hoping to leverage its success with YouTube, which is incredibly popular among gamers sharing their skills, to make its own gaming platform a success. Google has, however, created its own video game development studio that will deliver exclusive games as well as other publishers' titles.

Raymond said her team will also work with external studios to bring Stadia's features to their games.

The gaming site Kotaku reported on Monday that Google will reveal a gaming streaming platform soon. Google's next big effort is to build a game platform for everyone. For launch, they're promising 4K gaming at 60 frames per second. You only need to input the first 10 keys, however, to see the controller model on Stadia's website.

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Google promises an even better experience in Stadia. More information will be shared in the summer.

As for the games?

The search giant also rolled out its first Google-branded Stadia game controller, which is integrated with its AI-powered Google Assistant. Doom Eternal will be capable of running at 4K with HDR at 60FPS. While the quality of the streaming video will vary depending on the display you're using (and presumably bandwidth), Google intends to support - and claims the streaming data centers can handle - resolutions as high as 8K.

Unlimited possibilities: The power of Stadia unlocks untapped potential for game design.

The last feature Google showed off was called State Share - i.e. the ability for you to share any spot in your adventure with anyone via a Google link.

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