Microsoft confirms arrival of Xbox Live components on Android and iOS

Microsoft confirms arrival of Xbox Live components on Android and iOS

Microsoft confirms arrival of Xbox Live components on Android and iOS

In any case, it's good news that Xbox Live is expanding to mobile platforms and no longer just Xbox and Windows. Last year, Microsoft announced Project xCloud, a video game streaming service, with plans for public trials to begin in 2019.

It's worth noting that a few games on mobiles already use Xbox Live for multiplayer - like Minecraft.

So far, Game Stack is limited to iOS and Android, but there have been rumblings that Microsoft has an eye on the Nintendo Switch as a potential platform for Xbox services. According to The Verge, developers will have access to a variety of features, including " achievements, Gamerscore, hero stats, friend lists, clubs, and even some family settings". It will also include the likes of DirectX, Havok, Mixer, Xbox Game Studios, Simplygon, and the aforementioned Xbox Live. If they bring together all of those communities, it would be like one big experience for all the gamers.

The first step in creating this global gaming community has been taken with this announcement and Microsoft will clearly be looking to build on that.

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There's been much talk recently of Microsoft wanting to make its Xbox games and services available on other platforms, and this announcement ties in with that.

"The goal of Game Stack is to help you easily discover the tools and services you need to create and operate your game", Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of Gaming Cloud at Microsoft, said in blog post.

The service will stream games wirelessly from the cloud to remote devices and aims to bring AAA gaming to underpowered smartphones, tablets, and laptops using powerful Xbox console-powered server banks.

Choudhry reiterated that public trials would take place this year, and those early tests will likely be about reducing latency so there's little to no lag time between the controller and on-screen action.

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Microsoft competes against Amazon Web Services division to sell those cloud services.

As can be seen above, this new SDK will allow developers to implement Xbox Live, Azure PlayFab, Direct X, Mixer and more on Android and iOS devices.

The second is PlayFab Party, which was adapted from Xbox Party chat, but is also now available for all games and devices.

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