Two men narrate how they 'luckily' missed Ethiopian airline that crashed

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Man Says He Missed Doomed Ethiopian Airlines Flight by Minutes: 'I Collapsed'

However, despite the two fatal crashes over the past five months, Canadian airlines will not be grounding their Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleets. "So yes, the pilots were well-briefed on the airworthiness directive". The European Union, China, and Australia are among those that have banned the plane from their airspace.

The Foreign Ministry, the National Security Council and the Israeli Consul in Ethiopia Ofer Zach are attempting to obtain approval to receive complete access to the crash site and the onsite morgue for the volunteers, so that they may do their job swiftly and effectively.

The focus on Boeing has also been intense.

The still unexplained crash followed another involving a Boeing 737 MAX in Indonesia five months ago that killed 189 people.

Boeing had by January received 5,011 orders for the plane with plans for the launch of a Max 10 model having been set for 2020.

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An Air Canada Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft arriving from Toronto prepares to land at Vancouver International Airport, in Richmond, British Columbia on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. And Nikki Haley, Trump's former United Nations ambassador, has been nominated to join Boeing's board.

But much more about Sunday's crash remains unclear - including crucial questions over what caused the jet to go down.

October's Lion Air crash is also unresolved, but attention has focused so far on the role of a software system created to push the plane down as well as airline training and maintenance.

He was supposed to board the plane, but he reached the departure gate just two minutes after it was closed. "Both times, the crew disengaged the autopilot and were able to keep flying safely", NPR's Russell Lewis reports. Canadian and American carriers remain the last major airlines using the plane.

He said he was put onto the next flight to Nairobi and only found out about the crash later on. "The pilots were well briefed on the air ordinance filed", he said.

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On Monday evening, the FAA issued a notice declaring the plane airworthy.

The airworthiness directive said Boeing had found the automated anti-stall system on its 737 Max 8 and Max 9 models can be triggered by a sensor reporting an erroneously high angle of attack - meaning the system believes the nose is too high and the plane is stalling, even though it's not.

Since the news of the crash, China has made a decision to ground all of its 737 fleet, joining Ethiopian Airlines which grounded its similar fleet soon after the accident.

The process will be complicated because the passengers came from more than 30 countries and Ethiopia has limited forensic capabilities, the expert added, asking not to be named.

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