GOP Senators ‘Overthinking’ Vote on Our ‘MAJOR NATIONAL EMERGENCY’

Trump fights impeachment talk ahead of looming Mueller report

Mr Trump received unexpected help from Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi who said she was against impeachment as"it divides the country

But Illinois Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky says a House vote is futile.

The White House and Republican senators are in talks about a bill that would give Congress more power to block emergency declarations from a president in the future.

Republicans who oppose the national emergency are anxious that future Democratic presidents could usurp the power of Congress to fund the government and use the tactic to pass their own pet programs. Since the Democratic-run House voted last month to block Trump, Senate passage would send the resolution to the White House, where it would face a certain veto.

The U.S. Congress is on the verge of issuing a sharp rebuke to Trump over his declaration of an emergency at the border.

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In contrast, 60 percent of Democrat and Independent voters said they would likely vote against a member of Congress who voted in favor of the national emergency, compared to 16 percent of whom would more likely vote for a member of Congress who backed the Trump's emergency powers to build the wall.

The disapproval resolution passed the Democratically-controlled House by a wide margin and garnered enough Republican public support to pass the Senate. At a closed-door lunch Tuesday, Tillis suggested he could be open to backing the president, said two people familiar with his comments. The others are Sens. Other Republican senators who back the resolution are Alaska's Lisa Murkowski, Maine's Susan Collins and Kentucky's Rand Paul. But he told reporters Tuesday that he now expects fewer defections.

"Lee said he talked to the president and the president's now not supportive of what he wants", said one GOP senator. "So if you see anybody that's got blood dripping out of their ear, they may be changing", he said.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), a constitutional lawyer and a freshman senator, came out in favor of President Trump's move to secure the border through the National Emergencies Act.

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Her announcement might make it harder for Republicans to prevent a high-profile rebuff of President Donald Trump's effort to divert more money to building barriers along the U.S. -Mexico border. He announced later that he would be voting for the resolution to terminate the declaration. John Cornyn, R-Texas, an adviser to Senate GOP leadership, said of the eleventh-hour White House lobbying effort.

Brown said he doesn't object to finding a "long term answer", to keep presidents from declaring emergencies in non-emergency situations, but said he didn't know of any cases where past presidents abused the law. The resolution requires a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of Congress to override a veto.

Lee had introduced a second measure that would end future emergency declarations after 30 days unless Congress votes to extend them. The official was not authorized to publicly private conversations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

A vote on Lee's plan was expected after Congress returns from a recess later this month. Pence urged them to stand with Trump in Thursday's vote.

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