Mike Pompeo Tells Embassy In Venezuela To Come Home

People throng the streets to protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas Venezuela

People throng the streets to protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas Venezuela

"The presence on Venezuelan soil of these officials represents a risk for the peace, unity and stability of the country", the government said in a statement.

On the ground, tensions continued to rise as the government of Nicolás Maduro blamed the blackout on a cyber attack and worldwide sabotage.

Since then, Washington has increased the pressure by declaring its support for National Assembly President Juan Guaido. Most countries in Europe and Latin America have followed suit.

The U.S. reduced its diplomatic staff in Caracas in January after recognizing Guaido.

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Earlier, Pompeo blasted Russian Federation and Cuba for their continued support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, accusing them of keeping his regime afloat despite the will of the country's people.

Most recently, a power outage that has gone on for five days has led the U.S.to accuse Maduro of failing to run his country effectively-even amid reports in the New York Times that the sanctions the us has imposed in recent weeks are to blame for the blackouts, as Venezuela's access to fuel for power plant operations has been cut off. More neighborhoods of Caracas had power on Tuesday morning.

India might face problems continuing oil transactions with Venezuela because the USA clamping down on banks handling cash for it. I'm going to call him out by name: "Maduro!" he shouted. The country hasn't shipped $358 million in oil since the power failures started, and "the whole system is grinding to a halt", said Russ Dallen, a Miami-based partner at the brokerage firm Caracas Capital Markets.

Mr. Guaido said three of four electricity transformers servicing the area were knocked out. He added that the "electricity war continues", a sign that authorities may still be concerned about ongoing outages.

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People collect water from an open pipeline during rolling blackouts, which affects the water pumps in people's homes and apartment buildings, in Caracas, Venezuela, Monday, March 11, 2019.

The blackout was likely caused by a technical problem with transmission lines linking the Guri hydroelectric plant in southeastern Venezuela to the national power grid, experts told Reuters.

President Nicolas Maduro said on national television Monday night that progress had been made in restoring power in Venezuela. "The imperialist government of the United States ordered this attack", he said.

"Nicolás Maduro promised Venezuelans a better life in a socialist paradise", Mr Pompeo said on Monday.

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American diplomats must "abandon Venezuelan territory in the next 72 hours", with the countdown starting at the "zero hour" on Tuesday, Arreaza wrote on Twitter. Washington evacuated most of its diplomatic staff two days later.

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