Judgement Day for May's Brexit deal

UK economic growth remained subdued in the quarter to January

UK economic growth remained subdued in the quarter to January

Lidington said the sides had agreed a joint legally binding instrument that commits both sides to work to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements by December 2020. However, it added that in its view "sufficient progress has not been achieved at this time". If Members of Parliament (MPs) vote for a no-deal that means the United Kingdom will leave the bloc on 29 March without any rules of regulations in place to replace those that were in place during the membership of the EU.

Speaking after the defeat, the Prime Minister said she "profoundly regrets the decision this House has taken tonight".

The British parliament on January 15 voted to reject May's deal by 230 votes, the biggest defeat for a government in modern British history.

Other EU nations welcomed the overnight agreement, and urged British politicians to seize the chance to back the deal and ensure an orderly departure.

"Our "no-deal" preparations are now more important than ever before", Barnier said in a tweet.

We know that the majority of MPs don't want a no deal, but in voting against May's deal they have made that much more likely.

Two statements were added to the withdrawal agreement, giving guarantees that the backstop is only temporary, NOS reports.

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"Everything is up in the air as a result of today's vote", said Mr Hart, one of the leaders of the Brexit Delivery Group. Speaker John Bercow will then decide which ones will be put to a vote.

If she loses the vote, May has said lawmakers will get a vote on Wednesday on whether to leave without a deal and, if they reject that, then a vote on whether to ask for a limited delay to Brexit.

The DUP said it would study the documents. The group met at 9am on Tuesday and is expected to decide whether to recommend accepting the assurances in the afternoon.

He is among a group of MPs that have tabled an amendment calling for a short extension to Brexit to May 22, and for a "standstill" agreement lasting until the end of 2021 during which time the United Kingdom would observe European Union rules while a trade deal is negotiated. However, the text of the 585-page withdrawal agreement remained unchanged.

In the staunchly pro-Brexit port of Dover in southern England, retiree Mary Simpson said she felt her voice as a "leave" voter had not been heard.

The pound has slumped by more than 1 percent against the dollar after the British Attorney General's assessment of Prime Minister Theresa May's reinforced expectations that lawmakers will reject it.

Supporters of Brexit argue that, while a "no-deal" divorce might bring some short-term instability, in the longer term it would allow the United Kingdom to thrive and forge beneficial trade deals across the world.

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May promised to hold two more votes in the coming days. That raises the prospect of more uncertainty, including a potential delay to Brexit. She has also warned of the risk that the divorce would be stopped altogether.

The stinging 149-vote defeat stripped away May's control over the course of Brexit and handed it to Parliament, which is divided about what to do next. The country voted to leave the European Union in a 2016 plebiscite. I hope that the House of Commons will support the agreement reached by Theresa May.

The EU has not formally objected to this document, which United Kingdom ministers have said means it has legal weight.

"I profoundly regret the decision this house has taken tonight", May said in a speech after Tuesday's vote, adding that extending a departure from the European Union would not solve the UK's current political impasse.

Both Keir Starmer, the opposition Labour Party's Brexit spokesman, and Conservative lawmaker Dominic Grieve expressed skepticism about whether May had won substantive concessions.

May, who rejected a Brexit compromise hashed out in Brussels on Saturday, was due to travel to Strasbourg later on Monday, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said.

The defeat came after May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced changes Monday created to overcome lawmakers' concerns about provisions created to ensure the border between EU member Ireland and Britain's Northern Ireland remains open after Brexit.

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