European Council President Tusk warns against anti-EU forces in elections

'Brexit is the symbol of Europe's crisis': Macron outlines vision for EU's future

Donald Tusk claims anti-European forces meddled in Brexit vote

An English language translation of the letter provided by the President's Elysee Palace office reveals Macron's preoccupation with Brexit, which he called a symbol of "the crisis of Europe, which has failed to respond to its peoples' needs for protection from the major shocks of the modern world... the anger mongers, backed by fake news, promise anything and everything". "We can not sleepwalk through a diminished Europe".

Alexander Gauland, the co-leader of the far-right opposition Alternative for Germany party, charged that Macron's "proposals for a "renewal" of the European Union would ultimately lead to yet more rules and bureaucracy and further limit the sovereignty of member states". Somewhat counter-intuitively, Macron rhetorically asked of the level of information available to voters before the Brexit vote: "Who told the British people the truth about their post-Brexit future?"

In January, Macron had suggested that the Brexit campaign - which saw Britain vote to leave the European Union - was "manipulated from the exterior by a lot of what we call fake news". Macron said. "Who spoke to them about losing access to the European market".

'Brexit is the symbol of Europe's crisis': Macron outlines vision for EU's future

A montage of the front page of The Guardian newspapers and the letter written by French president Emmanuel Macron that appeared inside on Tuesday March 5, 2019.

He proposed the creation of an agency to protect member states' elections from cyberattacks and other manipulations.

To address migration, Macron called for stricter border controls, a common border force, and common asylum rules - measures that have already started being implemented.

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The importance of Berlin's backing for any change in the European Union, or lack of it, has become clear since Macron's vision of deeper integration among the 19 countries that use the euro currency failed to materialise after 18 months of European Union talks.

"In this new Europe, the United Kingdom, I am sure will find its true place".

The German government says it's important for pro-European forces to set out their ideas for the future of the European Union but isn't offering any immediate assessment of details of French President Emmanuel Macron's latest reform proposals. "It also symbolises the European trap".

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He also urged negotiating a new "treaty on defence and security", and setting up a European security council that would include Britain to promote collective defence initiatives. He got angry with the countries in the East, treating them as though they were insane.

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