Tesla rolls out 'sentry mode' safety feature

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Tesla update to include Dog Mode

The electric vehicle company has rolled out a new feature created to keep your dog safe when you need to run short errands. In fact, the idea was born back in October 2018 when a Twitter user asked the boss if he would introduce the function - which also includes a message on the central screen telling any anxious passers-by that the dog is being kept cool and its owner will be right back. In the style that we know and love, Musk responded to the tweet with a simple yes. If a minimal threat is detected, such as someone leaning on a auto, Sentry Mode switches to an "Alert" state and displays a message on the touchscreen warning that its cameras are recording.

If a auto switches to "Alarm" state, owners will also receive an alert from their Tesla mobile app notifying them that an incident has occurred.

The new mode can be activated with a push of a button and activates the car's clime control mode, regulating the temperature to a safe degree no matter how hot it is outside the vehicle.

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Tesla has rolled out a new mode for pet owners that creates a safe environments for pets to stay in the auto while the owner is away. In response to federal statistics that indicate that "there was an estimated one motor vehicle theft or attempted theft every 40.8 seconds in the United States in 2017".

New features like Dog Mode and Sentry Mode highlight the flexibility and foresight that Tesla put into its vehicles.

This mode displays a message on the cars center screen alerting those within view that the surrounds are being monitored.

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If a minor threat is detected - such as someone leaning on the vehicle - the system will switch to an "alert" mode, displaying a message on the touchscreen that warns the person they are being recorded.

Elon Musk's Tesla on Wednesday launched a safety feature called "sentry mode" for its electric cars, as it attempts to make its vehicles more attractive to buyers.

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